Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Illegal Immigration

The hot button issue for the upcoming year will be immigration, that is illegal immigration. Most recently Arizona has decided to mobilize some National Guard units in order to support the Board Patrol in their efforts to stem the flow of illegal immigrants. This raises the issue of how to effectively control this growing problem.
Illegal immigration is not a black/white, yes/no, Democrat or Republican issue. It is complex, touching on the issues of sociology, economics, culture, and of course politics. It is an issue that to many Americans evokes the emotions of fear, hatred, and consternation. To the people who live in border-states, the problem is real, they see it in their streets, schools, and media. To the politicians, it is an issue which can be harnessed in order to gain power and influence with certain voting blocks. For those entering our country illegally, it is an issue which influences their path to towards assimilating or remaining in the seething underclass of ethnic enclaves where multigenerational families fail to move up and out towards the middle class outer rings of the megaopolis.
Illegal immigration is sociological in nature, dramatically altering our nation's racial, religious, cultural, and values composition. It injects into our ethnic melting pot a large and ever growing mass of humanity whose spatial proximity to their "homeland" is hours if not minutes away by car. These people once in America, are exposed to a skewed and often harsh version of our great country. This dark portrait is blackened by the surging influence of gangs in our urban communities, rapidly rising housing costs, and failing school systems. Additionally, these opportunity-seekers see through the media-created lenses a great disparity between the super rich and the super poor (themselves).
The economic impact of illegal immigration is perhaps the greatest of it's influencing powers. The continued inflow of willing workers to our cities his helped in the depression for wages in the low-skill, low-wage job sectors while simultaneously enabling average Americans the ability to afford day care, gardening services, car washing, and other time savings, labor intensive products and services. Most notably, the inflow of illegal immigrants has enabled the housing construction boom to endure far beyond it's expected lifespan. Imagine the increase cost of building a home in California if all contractors had to pay union wages of 20 to 30 dollars per hour rather than the 10 to 15 dollars per hour they now offer their workers, the price of a home in California would be far higher than 525, 000 dollars it now boasts.
Politically, illegal immigration has been a lightening rod for both the Left and Right. No one can deny the growing clout of the Hispanic voter in our elections. Both major parties clamor for the Hispanic vote, often mixing Spanish words into speeches when address appropriate audiences. Both parties are careful not to totally embrace the notion that illegal immigration is wrong fearing a backlash amongst Hispanic voters. Given the estimates that Hispanics will represent 20% of our nation's population by 2030, both sides know they must make substantial in-roads into this future voting block. Finally, few people discuss the biggest losers in illegal immigration - black Americans. This group is being marginalized not only by the Democrat party, but also by marketing firms, and other institutions as everyone pursues the Hispanic vote, dollar, and influence.
The issue of illegal immigration is complex and requires further discussion. The second in several pieces dedicated to this amazing issue will be published by Monday of next. Till then, pass this blog onto a friend, and have a great week. ....A concerned American


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The good thing about their protests is the ability to find the law breakers in a common place.


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