Sunday, March 26, 2006

Let the Games Begin Talkwise

The protests witnessed this weekend are the beginning of a long campaign by illegal immigrant supporters to threaten yet at the same time, gain sympathy from the majority of Americans. By presenting themselves as a massive block of humanity within our borders, average Americans fear that the fight over illegal immigration may "not be worth the trouble." Also, many Americans may be driven by the guilt that they were once an "immigrant" to condone the illegal immigration issue and not support HRC 4437. Talkwise will be publishing a series of immigration-related opinions over the next few weeks addressing the developments.

Talkwise's opinions and content seeks to inspire an honest and balanced debate on the issue of immigration. The are pros and cons to both sides and any action supporting either camp could have a profound impact on the long term social, economic, and political structure of our country...Talkwise


At 5:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you are going to be publishing on this topic, lets look at it seriously.

We all know the rhetoric from Washington...we need a comprehensive solution to this problem. Problem is, what is being presented for consideration is not comprehensive, does not address the concerns of those of us who are here LEGALLY. With that thought in mind, here is my idea of comprehensive legislation on the issue.

1. Secure our Southern Border...not one of these fake fences the President touts with drones flying around, and cameras that do not work either. I don't even want a fence, I want a WALL, and a BIG ONE, complete with guard towers, and a two lane road on the top of it so that the border control can ride back and forth all along our borders much the way state troopers patrol our highways. Now, if say 100 feet out from this wall they want to build a secondary barrier in the form of say a 12 foot tall guard fence complete with prison style barbed wire six feet out from either side, and rolled barb wire all along the top, think that is JUST FINE. But lets build a SERIOUS deterent, and that means WALL. Our wages are depressed by 200 BILLION a year, and I am willing to see them depressed for a year or two longer to built this wall.

2. Put and end to all local community SANCTUARY LAWS by outlawing them by federal statute and law. Any mayor or city counsil who trys to get around this law is subject to felony prosecution.

3. Pass a law that ends Anchor Baby citizenship give aways that pave the way to bring entire families in to America through the back door.

4. By federal statute, deny ALL SERVICES to illegal aliens and their off spring...this includes access to schools, hospitals, even emergency aid after a natural disaster. No driver's license, no mortgages or home loans, no bank accounts, and to truly dissuade illegal aliens, make remittances subject to a 100 percent surcharge/fine if you cannot prove you are in this country legally.

5. Make it a felony to hire an illegal exclusions to this, no having a law that says you are only affected if you have more than 20 employees, or hiring illegals is not a crime if you are in the agriculture industry. If you are a lawyer, and you have and illegal alien as a housekeeper and get caught, YOU ARE A FELON.

6. Make it a felony to aid and abet illegals in any fashion. If you are a Catholic Charity or church, and you are running a program for illegal aliens and are caught, you get convicted and sent to prison. If you are running a not for profit day care center for the children of illegal aliens and you get caught, you are going to prison, no excuses accepted.

7. Elimianate all family reunification rules for immigration, as this is just a form of letting more people migrate here than the quota's allow. Any one coming here has to get in line and wait their turn.

8. Pass legislation making English the official language of America, and revoking Clinton's executive order that wastes BILLIONS a year printing government forms in foreign languages. Further, give all migrants here in our country legally a fair amount of time to learn to read, write and speak English, and if they have not done so, they face immediate deportation. Five years should be sufficient.

9. Make it illegal for illegal immigrants to attend ALL US COLLEGES, be they community colleges or four year institutions. You want to attend our colleges, go back to your home countries and apply for a Student visa like honest folks do. None of this IN STATE TUITION for illegal aliens in the name of letting them better themselves...we have laws for a reason.

10. We need a three strike law...if you are caught sneaking into our country three times, no questions asked, a life sentence in prison. If you are stopped by border patrol, or any law enforcement agency and it is determined you are and illegal alien, you are fully fingerprinted and photographed, and kept incarcerated until you have a hearing before a judge...if said judge determines you are a flight risk (What illegal is not a flight risk?) you are not afforded bail.

11. A federally mandated job list which lists any JOB that a company wants to match with a migrant of any kind. Said job must pay the prevailing wage in the industry, and cannot offer discounted wages to dissuade Americans from taking the job. Said job could then only be offered to a LEGAL IMMIGRANT wanting to come to America after no American showed and interest in the job for a period of six months. In this fashion, Americans are fairly given first dibs on ALL JOBS within the borders of the United States of America.

12. Coyotes and drug smuglers caught breaking our laws recieve the death penalty.

I am sure I have missed a few things, but this should be a good start on what would constitute COMPREHENSIVE Immigration Reform. Any one else have some ideas to add to the list before we send it off to Senator Specter?

Pinto Bean


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