Friday, May 05, 2006

The West's Death of a Thousand Cuts

This article was inspire after reading Mr. Shelby Steele's amazing article which appeared in the wednesday Wall Street Journal.

on the West's "Death of Thousand Cuts."
Over 100 years ago, the concept of the "White Man's Burden" emboldened European colonial powers and the United States to colonize and "lift up" the barbaric lands of Africa and Asia. Today, the same effort is being applied either directly via intervention (US spreading democracy to the Middle East) or indirectly through the many non-governmental organizations and actors such as the IMF and UN. While the West sacrifices blood and treasure in brining up these magnificent examples of progressiveness (Somalia, Sudan, Liberia, and Iraq), we are at the same time reminding ourselves of how evil we have been rather than how good we are now.
Throughout the West, there is sense of self inflicting guilt and remorse, focusing on the negatives and mistakes of the past, rather than trumpeting the great triumphs of Western Civilization and its current standard-bearer, the United States. Third World failed states such as and
Bolivia are coddled by the media though their elected governments have produced nothing but successive generations of failed policies, corruption, and poverty stricken populations. The United States is castigated in the world's mass media, demanded to pacficy and labled tyranical while at the same time, despot ruled countries such as Zimbabwe and Venezuela are admired for their fight against the evil giant America. Past political criminals such as Che Guevera and (who killed American citizens) are treated as folk heroes while our nation's greatest leaders such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are marginalized as old white men who owned slaves.
When did this begin? When did the West and America start down this path of self-destruction, this belief in the
worst of ourselves, the emphasis on the negative, and the celebration and promotion of what makes us different rather than what we share in common?
In our multicultural-hijacked education system, Aztec culture and history is celebrated though their daily sacrificing of on average one thousand humans in barbaric paganistic ceremonies is never mentioned. The multiculturalists market Islam as a "religon of peace," though throughout the West, Muslim extremists groups communicate their message in the clearests of languages demanding those who "insult" their religon be killed. Imagine if Christians protested everytime their religon was "insulted," they would never make it to church! The unapologetic heads of Muslim states sit in silence while their fellow leaders and folk heroes pledge to wipe other civilized nations off the face of the Earth. Of course no one mentions the countless times the armies of Islam marched throughout Europe destroying cities, enslaving entire nations, and butchering peoples. The history of today seems to only mention the sins of the West and more specifically the United States. How quick we forget!
Even within the nations of the West there is a sense of defeatism. In Europe, countries such as France, Germany, and Russia are in a demographic tailspin, experiencing contracting populations and morally bankrupt societies. Their people and leadership are paralysed in the face of a growing Islamic cancer which will someday complete the job the Ottoman Empire failed to do when their armies were stopped at the gates of Vienna. Within our borders, the Left promotes multiculturalism as the panacea of the future. Can anyone name one nation who has survived long term with a multicultural society (Austro Hungarian Empire?). Our leaders and media shudder at the thought that maybe our culture, our heritage is magnificent and that the exceptionalism of America is our unfailing belief in the goodness of our character.
Can we as a people really believe that today’s America is the same as the one who fought World War One, suffered through the Great Depression, and waged World War Two all within thirty years? What would our media say back then? What would they report after year three of World War Two when we had already lost over 200,000 lives? Would they demand that we start negotiations with the Japanese after losing 25,000 Marines on Iwo Jima? How would Americans respond to a total economic collapse, no longer being able to afford the basics needs of modern life such as movies, IPods, weekly trips to Target and plasma tvs? In an era when media elites claim their first allegiance is to their profession and then to their country and a mere 1% of our nation's population must shoulder the weight of a protracted war , no wonder one must doubt our character.

The reality is we are a different America. We are no longer imbued with the belief in our exceptionalism, our righteousness, and our superiority. We cannot as a people even acknowledge that is in fact illegal. We celebrate everything but Christmas (God forbid we even mention that word) and any other celebration which can somehow push further into the background our western culture. We are a nation who has turned our own heritage and folk heroes into villans and now we are believing our own lies. We are a nation that is spoiled, morally declining, and unwilling to exhibit the moral courage necessary to lead this world. Our enemies know this and exploit the media daily in order ensure we spiritually die this "death of a thousand cuts."

I cannot trace it to one event, nor to one person but when the history of this civilization is written and the rise and fall of our country is chronicled, they will speak of how we belittled ourselves, creating an attitude of defeatism and self-guilt which ulitmately resulted in an unwillingness to sacrifice for the exceptional ideal of America's uniqueness.


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