Sunday, April 16, 2006

We are a nation of immigrants!"The phrase commonly stated when debating the pros and cons of today immigration. While for some, it conjures up the image of a diverse population, all of which came at some point thru Ellis Island or over our borders. Though many of American's ancestors did arrive on our shores in this manner, in reality it is half true.

According to
Dr. Samuel P. Huntington, half of America's current population can be traced to the original waves of settlers from the British Islands. That is to say, 50% of today's population can be traced to the settlers who came to America during the 18th century. Rarely will people raise this issue, instead they will focus on the near religous-belief in this nation as diaspora of displaced people who from throughout the world leave their homeland and past behind in hope of building a new future in this country.

America is nation who
needs immigrants. In the past, massive waves of newcomers would peak and then subside in response government emplaced limitations and quotas. These legislative actions were always created in response to our citizen's demands.

Today is different, the prolong and unabated wave of immigrants from South America has created a
political block and economic dependency which this nation cannot easily ignore nor stop.Both political parties, with the backing of the business community know they cannot alienate this growing political and economic force.

If this nation cannot maintain a responsible immigration policy, we will become as many trumpet today, a nation of immigrants.


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