Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pax Americana

and Rome called out from the past,
Relics of faded purple imperial’s hue,
Once great powers that would live eternity’s last,
Now legends, tattered relics in museum’s view.

“Americana, Americana, great brother of ours,
How you rose to towering heights of strength,
Endowed with nature’s rich treasures abound,
Spanning a continent, mountains, oceans great.”

“A people with ideas and principles of right,
They created a foundation of liberty and idealism,
Wove its’ sacred promises into a law for rule,
And a government to protect its’ citizens.”

“Nearly torn in two, brothers killed one another,
A decade of poverty, two world wars to fight,
A nation’s people starved and bled together,
Yet through this their meekness turned to might!”

“The robes and scepter of Lord’s imperial majesty,
Shunned by America’s masses, isolated by the sea,
Destiny bestowed upon their brow this Holy crown,
And with it , its’ realm came to be.”

“For years its’ armies ruled the continents afar,
It’s people reaping the riches of corporate crusades,
Pampered, the citizen’s life soon became,
But with comfort and convenience came a fateful trade.”

“Citizenship was no longer the sacred right earned,
But a mere accessory by birth anyone could rate,
Instead of their nation’s betterment, selfishness ruled,
And the Empire’s slow demise soon became fate.”

“With concern of republic and law cast aside,
The President our servant, a relic of lore,
Men of greed now claimed the titular crown,
Rule of citizenry and of acumen, was no more.”

“One by one the freedoms paid by patriot blood,
Were surrendered “en masse” to government’s care,
No longer was wanted the responsibility to preside,
Rather give citizens their leisurely media affair.”

“While the Many basked in the abundance of fading bliss,
There the Few who served to guard the Empire’s walls,
As challenges came, the Many replied ‘Not I!’
While the Few toiled to prevent Americana’s fall.”

“Year by year, un-beknownst to the Many,
The Empire crumbled under the weight of lethargy,
Citizenship’s sacredness was sold to highest bidder,
And with it, Pax-Americana’s future viability.”

“As this great Empire rotted from within,
Like all of our crowned imperial brethren who fell,
The other Kingdoms watched and waited from afar,
to strike the people sleeping under indolence’s spell.”

“Finally the end came as a surprise to all,
When they realized all they had enjoyed had been lost,
‘What happened to our great wealth,’ they asked in a daze,
Squandered with Freedom and Citizenry, Fate scoffed.”

“Americana prayed to God only out of despair,
‘Why has thou forsaken me my Lord?’ they cry,
But His sacred gift had been wasted, He did not care,
So the King of Kings let the Empire die.”

Rome and Byzantine met the bewildered Americana,
Stunned in Her fall from the Imperial heights of might,
She asked them what had happened as her tarnished crown fell,
They said, “You should have learned from our past plight!”

In History’s shadow with their faded Imperial robes of three,
Stand the fallen Empires whose death came from within,
Not wanting the burden that accompanied Ceasarian majesty,
Betrayal came ultimately from their own citizens.


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