Monday, February 19, 2007

America's Choice in Iraq: War or Peace (Talkwise)

The Democratic initiated non-binding resolution against the President’s efforts to increase troop levels in and the subsequent reaction amongst the presidential contenders is remarkable and at the same time troubling because it reveals a lack of seriousness on the part of our elected officials in dealing with and . Americans are probably not surprised by the pandering of the individuals in Congress however the ability of the presidential aspirants to shift their position or lack thereof one in response to perceived public sentiment is something which should cause Americans concern.

The inability of the candidates to understand the serious nature of foreign policy and its repercussions throughout the world increases the potential for chaos and uncertainty abroad. These current candidates both GOP and Democrat have all chosen either anti-war (), “pull’em out now” positions or have taken the ineffectual Clintonesque middle ground, least painful, “how the wind blows” option. Senator seems to be the only one who has from the beginning advocated the only course of action for victory (increased troop and resource levels).

In war, once the fight has started and you are in the thick of it there are not many good options left. War is a terrible thing but someone must win and someone must lose. Yes pulling out (Obama) is an option however your enemy will not have been defeated and you must be willing to pay the price later should they be emboldened to strike on other fronts. History is littered with failed idealist-leaders who have chosen this path only to condemn their people greater bloodshed down the road (Neville Chamberlain).

The Clintonesque, appease everyone option is not a choice in war. In combat you win or lose, live or die. It is not about poll numbers nor is it about making both sides happy. Senator
thinks she can talk tough yet then call for the initiation of a in 90 days and be thought of as a serious candidate for the leader of the free world. Her political ballet maneuvers are useless when real stewardship is needy and a nation must be guided through the treacherous seas of war.

Americans should expect leadership from those in power, not political pandering and Mr. and Miss Popularity contestants. War is about imposing your will on the enemy and achieving political objectives through military means (Clausewitz). America is at war, Americans are dieing and the middle ground approach prohibits victory while pro-longing an eventual defeat due to the insufficient allocation of military means.

Victory or defeat, those are our options. Senator’s Obama and Clinton think they can have it both ways. Senator Obama thinks he is Lincoln yet President Lincoln committed his nation to a war which cost over a half-million lives and nearly his presidency. Senator Obama, you are no . Senator Clinton wants to have both ways yet all she does is reveal her ineffectual and foundationless leadership qualities.

The facts are we have started a fight which we did not think would end up as it is now. Yes mistakes have been made in such as insufficient troop levels, poor post-war planning, and naivety on the part of all elected officials that war can won on the cheap both politically, financially, and socially but war it is and this war must be won. It is time for Americans to choose, victory or defeat, war or peace. There is no middle ground.


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