Saturday, April 22, 2006

Talkwise Immigration/Economy Links

After another enjoyable week of work, I have managed to sit down and spend some time on Talkwise. During this week, I had posted a help-wanted advertisement in the local paper and my office was visited by numerous people who were tired of being "paid cash" and not "paying taxes." They wanted to be part of the "system." I could not help but wonder if any of the impending immigration changes our government is debating has
motivated some people to start moving down the road towards citizenship? If so, maybe it is a good thing...

Here are some links that touch some different opinions on immigration and its impact on our economy and workforce,


U.S. Immigration and Economic Growth: Putting Policy on Hold

The Cost of Low Cost Labor

How Immigration Contributes to Economic Growth

Immigration and the US Labor Force

Immigrants Follow the Money

Debating Limits on High Skilled Work Visas

Immigrants Bolster the economy but at what price?

Learning To Talkwise about Immigration

Learning to talkwise about immigration and debate the subject requires that you go beyond the emotional lingo being thrown around. You need to understand the total picture, the economic, political, and social impact of immigration both legal and illegal on our country. We have because of the 30 years of lax enforcement, built a society whose economic vitality is dependent upon low-cost, low-skilled labor i.e. labor from Mexico. Additionally, many macroeconomic factors such as the prolonged period of low inflation can be partially attributed to the wage-depression effects this inflow of low cost labor has had on our economy. We all agree that illegal immigration is wrong and that never before has our nation been faced with such a unique immigration related problem. The dilemma is how we go about solving this problem while at the same time transition from an economy built on our current immigration system or lack thereof to one that works? talkwise

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