Sunday, March 26, 2006

Let the Games Begin Talkwise

The protests witnessed this weekend are the beginning of a long campaign by illegal immigrant supporters to threaten yet at the same time, gain sympathy from the majority of Americans. By presenting themselves as a massive block of humanity within our borders, average Americans fear that the fight over illegal immigration may "not be worth the trouble." Also, many Americans may be driven by the guilt that they were once an "immigrant" to condone the illegal immigration issue and not support HRC 4437. Talkwise will be publishing a series of immigration-related opinions over the next few weeks addressing the developments.

Talkwise's opinions and content seeks to inspire an honest and balanced debate on the issue of immigration. The are pros and cons to both sides and any action supporting either camp could have a profound impact on the long term social, economic, and political structure of our country...Talkwise

Protest Hysteria, Jesus, Where's the Debate?

The recent protests in response to the proposed tough immigration measures being debated in the Senate should not be surprising given the organizing abilities of pro-illegal immigration groups. The majority of Americans believe that crossing into this country is illegal. Furthermore, the majority of Americans believe that laws should be followed. Somewhere in this debate, common sense has exited the stage and we are now left with flavor-of-the-month politicians comparing a responsible immigration policy to persecuting Jesus Christ.
The dilemma facing our country today is that there is no easy way out. We have an economy that is dependent upon cheap, unskilled labor (undocumented workers). We have permitted this inflow of illegal immigrants to go on for so long that we have entire communities that could be become “fugitive” enclaves if these measures are enforced.
Without an immediate change to our legal immigration system, enabling a near doubling of legal immigrants to enter our country annually, we risk sever economic consequences if illegal immigration were to stop tomorrow. A sudden cut-off of fresh labor (undocumented workers) and its consequences to the average American are something no one is discussing.
Illegal immigration is wrong, it must be stopped and those crossing our borders illegally should be prosecuted and deported. As we go about solving this problem, we must accept an honest and open debate about the total impact of our past sins, and the effects of such tough medicine as being proposed in the Senate. America wants illegal immigration to be controlled. The question is, do we know how our lives will be impacted if and when are borders are secured?

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